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Kalyan unit

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The prisoners have their daily chores like washing clothes, cleaning the space around them etc. Once they are done with their chores they have a lot of spare time on hands.

We Encouraging them to use their time Constructively, we introduced stitching, cutting and embroidery classes. Many women showed keen interest and practiced extensively. We encouraged them to learn stitching of saree blouses and embroidery on dupatta’s. These were sold and a commission was given to them.

Many inmates showed interest in reading and we encouraged them by setting up a library that shelved books in English, Hindi and Marathi. During festivals we conducted competitions like Rangoli, Drawing and Essay writing. The inspector officer at the main gate was always very kind enough to judge the competition.

To cater to their mental welfare we would have regular counselling sessions. Most of the inmates face a lot of health issues.

We conduct regular medical camps to assist them with their problem. Private doctors are taken with us for medical camps and counselling sessions.

Every Christmas we would have priest accompany us to jail and get the sacrament of reconciliation done. Christmas cheer was spread with laughter, music, and distributing cake and snacks. Every prisoner and staff member joined in the celebration.


The prisoners have their daily chores like washing clothes, ...
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