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Our Actions and Mission in Different
Prisons and Homes across Mumbai

"Be a love bomb, let it explode not to kill but to heal the broken hearted"

Arthur Road Jail.png

Arthur Road Mission Unit

Skin Camps were held thrice in a year on a large-scale basis and free skin medications were distributed during the camps, such as lotions, ointments, creams, vitamins, shampoo etc.  This camp runs between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.  On an average 600/700 inmates are treated at each session. Once a year we conduct an eye camp. We distributed spectacles and some customised ones too. Along with 2 doctors  a diabetes camp was held. 113 inmates were checked for sugar, blood pressure, and body weight. Medicines, vitamins for general health were dispensed. We provided legal aid through an advocate and nun. Both lawyers with their teams attend different courts representing prisoners.

Kalyan Adharwadi Jail.png

Kalyan Mission Unit

Prison Ministry Mumbai Unit, has been conducting medical camps for all inmates. Stitching classes, cutting classes, crochet, knitting for women inmates only. For the boys computer classes, volleyball games, football games, carrom board and snake and ladder board games, judo, were supplied. 

A library of assorted books was given to the women inmates for reading. 

We liaison  For adolescent boys, taking messages from them to their parents, advocates. We requested parents to send cash/ money orders for them to purchase from a store inside  which provides snacks, biscuits.

We also counseled the boys to behave properly in the jails and also in society on being released from the prison. We told them Biblical stories (whenever possible) of Joseph from the Old Testament and Jesus, who were also imprisoned. 

Kalyan Adharwadi Jail.png
Byculla Jail.png

Byculla Mission Unit

We have conducted counselling sessions on 3 days every week by experienced and professionally trained counsellors. Income generating skills like crochet bags, tablecloths and flowers of cloth have been held. We have distributed clothes for children and adults. Every week biscuits were given to all children. We held English speaking classes for officers for a short period. We helped 1 inmate who completed his sentence and was set free. We bought him an electrician kit to start a living. Music and dance sessions held every Saturday helped the women relax. A Library was set up for the gents and ladies section.

Taloja Mission Unit

A Bi-Weekly dental camp was conducted and a room was provided for use. Dental chair donated and installed. 800 to 1000 prisoners were treated. Skin medicines were supplied by some pharma companies. woollen blankets, some bed sheets, wheelchairs and stretches were donated by some neighbouring parishes. We conducted a special talk for prisoners on Harmful use of Tobacco by eminent doctors. This session was attended by many Police Officers and prisoners. The unique feature in the Taloja unit has been the installation of a Radio Station inside the prison for inmates at the request of the new Superintendent. It serves as entertainment and a stress buster. Mulakat rooms were designed and have to be constructed.

Thane Jail.png

Thane Mission Unit

A dental chair was set up and the dentists attend twice a week.  Skin, eye and gynaecological camps were held regularly. Christmas and Easter were regularly celebrated with cakes and celebrations. Children were given toys and sweets. One year at Christmas along with cakes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, medicated soaps and biscuits were distributed to the gents and ladies barracks.

BKN Mankhurd Mission Unit

In Mankhurd unit, the volunteers gives educational help to the needy kids such as spoken English, teaching languages like marathi, hindi and english, making sentences with each word, help them to make english words with vowels and basics on computer.We teach them personal development such as grooming their selves, cutting their nails, how to face the society with confidence and without fear, we also check with them about their ambitions and motivate them to achieve it themselves.

We teach them to make mala with pearls by themselves, make earring, rangoli making, drawing, mehendi, we also used to prepare noodles, biryani, chapati bhaji, poha, paav bhaji etc In their kitchen and serve them.We used to give them basic items like soap, brush, paste, bedsheets, detergent. 

We make them do yoga, exercises etc, we alsso conduct story telling and make them sing, dance, play antakshari.

New Observation Home, Mankhurd_edited.jpg

NOH Mankhurd Mission Unit

This observation home houses children of the CNCP section, both boys and girls separately. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai life, makes it an ideal location for raising these little ones with love and affection that they miss from their own families. The present superintendent Mrs. Trupt Jadhav is a young energetic and creative person who looks after these children as her own. It was her invitation that brought Prison Ministry Mumbai within its walls. And PMM gladly has taken up the challenge. Despite the lockdown the volunteers visited the home at Christmas last year. We met with the Children and were entertained by their melodious singing and dance. What a joy to see them smile despite their pain of separation from loved ones. A bouncing house was set up for the children and they were thrilled at this novel way to play. We said goodbye with much anticipation of the lockdown restrictions being lifted up as soon as possible.

Dongri Mission Unit

Prison Ministry Mumbai has been in operation at the Dongri Children's home for almost 18 years. It began with a small group of dedicated volunteers who travelled from far off Mira Road to at present a large contingent of more than 60 members till at the lockdown. Children in Need of Care and Protection [CNCP] girls and boys as well as boys in the Children in Conflict with Law [CCL] section are housed here, about 250 children per week. The present superintendent Mr. Rahul Kantikar a gentle kind hearted gentleman is extremely competent in handling any given situation. Our team work involves a session of 2 hours, which begins with prayer, singing, moral values as well as hygiene and etiquette. We try to cater to the children what they miss on the outside. We conduct various classes such as Math, spoken English, even as simple as teaching them to sign their names, reading, counting etc. Art & craft, drawing, embroidery, choreography, photography are some of the courses we have conducted over the years. We train them with a view to earning an income after their release with courses such as beautician and cooking. We hope to begin a baking course shortly.


DSIS Matunga Mission Unit

The David Sassoon Industrial School is an unbelievable green location in the heart of the city. It is home to CNCP boys and provides formal education in the Marathi medium from 1st to 8th standards. The unique feature of this place is the vocational course programs that the institute provides. From Prison Ministry Mumbai we have joined hands with them to assist their regular teachers with preparing the syllabus for teaching the children at different levels. We are keen to join up in this endeavor shortly. The superintendent Mr. Satish Bhansode has a clear vision for the future of the boys and the path to reach there. He's welcoming and supportive of Prison Ministry. We hope to join with our new team of volunteers to take up yet another location of CAS Children's Aid Society. Our vocational course Team will sure find it an exciting opportunity to work here.

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