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Prison ministry is a mission to renew, release, rehabilitate and reform. This is a special calling


The Archdiocese of Mumbai started prison ministry in the year 2001 under the title (PMM) Prison Ministry Mumbai. Fr Sebastian Vadakumpadan, the then National Coordinator of Prison Ministry India, based at Bangalore visited Mumbai in the early years of 2000 along with his team.  His first stop was at St. Pius’ Church, Mulund. During mass he spoke about his Ministry and its work in Bangalore and other parts of South India.   He drew their attention to the Mumbai Prisons. Touched by what Fr. Sebastian shared, Fr. Rufus Pereira, the then Parish Priest of St. Pius encouraged his parishioners to join the Prison Ministry. The Prison Ministry Mumbai was blessed with Bishop Bosco Penha as their Spiritual Director along with Fr Rocky Banz as Director. The baton was then passed on to Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, who together with Fr Joseph Gonsalves worked fruitfully and systematically to reach out to many prison inmates and their families.

Seeing the good work done by us the government has approached us to work in yet another observation home at Matunga. This would not have been possible without the guidance and support of His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias and Bishop In-charge of the ministry, Bishop Allwyn D’Silva.

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Prison Ministry is a Special Call

Prison ministry is a vocation.  It is a call that demands commitment and sacrifice.  Commitment to work each day to better the lives of the prisoners, at the same time it is a call to sacrifice our time, talent and the resources that we have.  In Mt. 25:36 b Jesus says, “I was in prison and you visited me.”  When these words turn into action, we work towards establishing the kingdom of God here on earth.  This is a ministry where service is rendered away from public gaze.  There is no media coverage, no live events to show on Instagram or Face book, no photo opportunities to update one’s WhatsApp status.  Yet, we are excited to work because we experience God’s loving presence in all that we do.  Jesus reminds us, in Mt. 25:40 “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.” 

Prison Ministry Mumbai Mission Principles


Is a vital stage in the transformation of prison inmates to bring about emotional, psychological and social change and prepare them for RELEASE


Children and prisoners release is possible with help of God and willingness of lawyers and officials. Counselling empowers them to step out into homes and society


We have 20 established PMI Rehabilitation centres around the country that cater to men, women, children, youth, transgenders and foreign nationals, irrespective of community or creed


Ex-convicts have challenges. Volunteers, reach out to our brothers and sisters who in turn, caution others to avoid a life of crime. This leads towards a joyful process of REINTEGRATION.

"The Church offers hope and expresses love to our brothers and sisters in prison. While some are innocent, others are victims of circumstances and suffer from loneliness and helplessness. Prison Ministry seeks to reach out to all prisoners through zealous volunteers who keep in touch with brothers and sisters in prison. We pray that Godbless their efforts and give them the strenght to carry on their ministry with dedication"



Archbishop of Mumbai

President, Catholic Bishop Conference of India

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